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Boston Dames graciously accepted Julia Childs Celebrity Stamp from the USPS in the Cambridge Mayor's Chambers on Wednesday October 28, 2014. Chapter President Lee Napoli, Joan Sweeney, Lucille Giovino and Juliana Lyman talked about how much Julia meant to Cambridge and Les Dames d'Escoffier. Joyce Chen was also honored and her children Helen and Michael were present. We reminisced about the friendship between Joyce and Julia. They were food pioneers before the term was coined and both contributed to the food and cultural heritage of Cambridge, Massachusetts.
The Gift of Life Fundraiser at Sandrine's Bistro took place in June 2014. It was hosted and produced by Boston Dames Gwen Trost, Dame Amy Nomejko. Dames Judith Fabre McDonough and Juliana Lyman were on the Fundraising Committee and Many Dames came to support!

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